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1919, 01/20

Camp Dimond, 28 acres of land is acquired from the FM Smith reserve for $20,000.  Dimond is the first permanent camp of the Oakland-Piedmont Council.


Mess Hall is built at Camp Dimond

1921, 05/30

Camp Dimond, 115’ camp flag pole installed, tallest in Bay Area at the time, flag flown at camp is 600 sq ft (20’ x 30’) and can be seen from downtown Oakland.  Flag pole was replaced in 1938.


Order of O-hit-e-kah (c 1922 – 1931).  Organization for Eagle Scouts to enable older scouts to have a more definite part in the promotion of and training of scouts.

1923, 11/01

Oakland Area Council hosts the Region 12 Scout Executive training at Camp Dimond for 80 Executives from seven states.  It was the opinion of all present that Dimond was the finest and best equipped training center that the group had yet visited.

1923, 11/11

21 open-air Troop cabins were built at Camp Dimond over the past year to replace the tents that had been used since 1919.  The cabins were built by various Troops as well as one by the Oakland Rotary Club, Oakland Kiwanis Club, Oakland Lions Club and one by the Alameda County Laundry Owners Association.

1925, 04/03

Ground Breaking ceremonies were held for construction of the 1500 seat Greek style amphitheater at Dimond.  Built with funds raised by the Oakland Exchange Club

1925, 05/23

1500 seat Greek style amphitheater is dedicated. Built with funds raised by the Oakland Exchange Club


First Aid Cabin is Dedicated at camp dimond, built by Oakland Kiwanis Club

1927, 04/1

Patrol Leaders Conference for both the Oakland Council and the San Francisco Council was held at Camp Dimond.


Bleachers and shower house are built by Oakland Kiwanis club at Dimond


The nature den or bug house is built at Dimond

1931, 04/30

Oakland Exchange Club installs 500 gallon hot water tank to feed 10 heads in the Dimond shower room

1938, 05/01

A new flag pole is installed at Camp Dimond to replace the 110 foot pole that had been in use since the early 1920’s

1945, 10/01

Oakland Schools bond measure of $15M (includes money for building of two new schools) passes.  Ultimately the school site will be on the grounds of Camp Dimond

1947, 10/15

Twenty Five members of the Order of the Arrow are inducted during a ceremony that is held in the mess hall at Dimond

1947, 10/30

Oakland Public School advises Oakland Council that they want Camp Dimond property and will take any necessary steps to acquire the land.

1948, 08/10

Camp Dimond, closes forever at end of camping season after 29 years in Oakland

1948, 11/14

Camp Dimond property is turned over to the Oakland Board of Education following condemnation of the property. Council office remains on the property until May 1949.

1949, 01/09

Equipment and supplies from Camp Dimond are moved into temporary storage at Camp Shoemaker on the grounds of Camp Parks in Dublin

1949, 01/01

The former mess hall is used as a location to build the forms necessary for the construction of the Los Mochos pool

1949, 01/25

Scout Cabins at Dimond are put up for sale to any perspective buyer

1949, 03/01

Oakland Public Schools takes possession of Camp Dimond. Grading begins as the former camp is flattened in preparation for the new school buildings.  Sixty years later in 2009 a few support structures from the 2000 seat amphitheater, portions of the Indian village and some power lines are still visible.

1949, 05/08

The famed “Bug House” containing BC Cains library and specimen collection from Camp Dimond is moved to Camp Meek in San Leandro (63 East Lewelling blvd)

1949, 06/18

Scout Office moves from Camp Dimond to Garfield Elementary School.  Scout office is cut into three pieces and moved up to Los Mochos for use as the rangers cabin

1950, 09/03

Joaquin Miller Elementary School and Montera Junior High opens on grounds of the former Camp Dimond.

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