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Fun Fact


$20,000 Dollars ($715.00/acre)

Purchase price of the Camp Dimond property in 1919 from the FM Smth Reserve for 28 acres

115 Feet

Camp Dimond, Height of camp flag pole (c 1921), tallest in Bay Area at the time.  Flag flown at camp was 600 Sq Feet and could be seen from downtown Oakland

5555 Ascot Dr, Oakland

Address of Camp

Acres, 28

Amount of acreage at camp

Alameda County

County the camp is located

Bug House

Name for the Nature Hut

Camp Dimond

First Scout camp of the Oakland Council from 1919 to 1948

Camp Fee

$12.00 for two weeks, 1925

Camp Kiwanis Building

Formerly the first aid center at Camp Dimond, it was also used as the Council Office from 1933 until 1949.  The building was moved to Los Mochos in 1949 to be used as the Rangers house.  The building still exists in 2009.

Camp Name

Dimond (name originates from the location in City of Oakland - Upper "Dimond" Canyon)

Camp Sheoak

One of the names used for Camp Dimond in the early years (c 1920)

Camp Symbol


Council Oak

This was a large Oak Tree on the Camp Dimond property that was used for ceremonies. Located near the lower end of camp near the Indian villiage (c 1926 – 1931)

Craft Shop

Camp Dimond & Dimond-O Craft Hut

Dinning Hall Bell

At meal times the Bell would be rung announcing meals,  In 1948 the bell was moved to Dimond-O and then in 1979 the bell was moved to Los Mochas where it currently resides outside the mess hall.  The bell and its frame originally came off a locomotive engine.

Eagles Nest

Eagle Scout area where Eagles gathered


681 feet above sea level

First Aid Center / Hospital

This was a two room building used at Camp Dimond as the first aid center and built by the Kiwanis Club.  It was situated on Inspiration Point.  In 1933 the building was turned into the Council Office and then in 1949 the building was moved to Los Mochos for use as the Ranger Cabin.  It still exists in 2009.


term used for Scouts that are struggling to swim 25 yards

Gallons, 300,000

Round shaped pool approximately 100’ diameter

Left-Handed Posthole digger

Gag played on rookie Scouts at Dimond (c 1924)

Oakland, CA

Camp Dimond location

Officers Hill

ocation in camp where camp masters stayed


Andover 3346

Phone: LAkeside 1846

phone number (c 1924)

PO Box 796

Post Office Box Number (c 1940 – 1974)

Raccoon Canyon

Canyon below camp where creek flows

Sink-Easy Tag

Term used for Scouts that do not swim


Gag played on rookie Scouts at Dimond (c 1924)


Term used for scouts that had free access to the pool

Tub Races

Dimond, weekly race in the pool using round metal tubs

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