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Wente Scout Reservation
Songs of the Wente Staff
Summer 1985
Boy Scouts of America, San Francisco Bay Area Council • 1001 Davis Street, San Leandro, CA 94577-1514, (510) 577-9000
During the summer of 1985, the Staff of Wente Scout Reservation had the opportunity of a life time when they were offered the chance of recording some of their campfire tunes during a marathon three-hour recording session that took place on Saturday June 29 between the commissary and the old admin building on a warm Willits evening. By the end of the evening you can actually hear the crackle of the campfire during the taping of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. A total of 100 cassette tapes were produced after the session and sold to staff, campers, collectors and audiophiles for a meager $10.00. The funds raised were used to fight world thirst and eliminate tule encroachment. Today those coveted tapes are said to be worth thousands of dollars on the black market if they could even be found.

However, here for the first time and for your listening pleasure, we are proud to present each song in its entirety as it was originally recorded and envisioned by the staff using state of the art Dolby B noise reduction.
Music Director & Vocals Coach: Dan Paul
Acoustic Guitar: Dan Paul
Vocals & Background: Wente Staff
Glen Phillips, Stan Pisle, Doug Styles and Brian Sommers lead Battle Cry of Freedom
MP3 audio files.  Click on song titles to download songs and enjoy!

Oh Wente
(entire group)
At Camp Wente
(lead - stan pisle)
(lead - jeff peterson)
Battle Cry of Freedom
(lead - glenn phillips, brian sommers, doug styles, stan pisle)
Be Courteous, Kind and Forgiving
(lead - dan paul)
(entire group)

Johnny Appleseed
(entire group)
The Wente Cheer
(lead - dan paul)
Run-on / Knock-Knock Joke
(steve kline, brian sommers)
National Embalming School
(entire group)
King Skunk
(lead - brian sommers)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
(entire group)
Scout Vespers
(entire group)
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