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1925, 04/15

Watson Ranch in Cazadero is purchased by the SFC for use as a summer camp.  Charles Watson will remain at the ranch as the caretaker.

1925, 05/01

George Hart from SF Troop 54 wins competion for submitting the name of Royaneh for the new camp.

1925, 06/24

Camp Royaneh opens as the new summer training camp for the SFC


First Pigeongram sent from Royaneh to Council Headquarters in San Francisco


Charles Watson, son of Sarah Watson (original owner of land) and first caretaker of camp property dies


Clarks Grove is dedicated at Camp Royaneh


Raymond O Hansen Retires from SF Council

1938, 04/13

Camp Royaneh is renamed in honor of the second San Francisco Council President (Charles C Moore).  Camp CC Moore is name is used until 1951.


East Austin Creek is dammed for the first time to create a new swimming hole (affectionately known as Roman’s Plunge)


Bar H Ranch opens at Camp Royaneh.  This is the first time horsemanship is offered at Royaneh.

1940, 04/20

Knights of Dunamis Grove is dedicated at Camp Royaneh in honor of its founder, San Francisco Scout Exec Raymond O. Hanson.

1944, 07/01

Chief Raymond O Hanson, first Scout Exec of the San Francisco Council and founder of the Knights of Dunamis, dies in Los Angeles after a long illness


Nick Schneider becomes Caretaker/Ranger at Royaneh.


The name of the Camp changes from Camp CC Moore back to Camp Royaneh.

1951, 03/01

Work begins on construction of new entrance to camp from the Cazadero Hwy to be known as Scanlon Road.  The new 16’ roadbed will also bypass the original road that ran adjacent to the creek next to Romans Plunge.

1951, 10/01

Swimming pool is built for approximately $30,000 and dedicated to Lucie Stern.  Walter Hass anonamously provided the funding for the new pool.  Before the pool was built, swimming took place down at the creek when a seasonal dam was put in place


Jim Wilkins becomes ranger at Camp Royaneh (1953 - 1976)


Admin Building at Royaneh is dedicated to Raymond O Hanson


Maintenance and Storage shed built next to Rangers Cabin on bluff


60 foot well is sunk next to East Austin creek to provide pure water for the camp courtesy of Walter Haas.  Previously the water for the camp was drawn directly from the creek.


Former parade grounds graded for use as Parking Lot and new Rangers Cabin

1954, 06/10

Rangers Cabin is constructed next to parking area courtesy of Walter Haas

1954, 09/03

57 acres of additional land is purchased at Royaneh courtesy of Walter Haas


Thunderbird becomes the new Royaneh mascot and logo replacing the Indian Chief

1958, 11/24

Canoe base recreation hall is constructed (60’ x 40’) courtesy of Walter Haas.  It includes a kitchen, laundry area, fireplace, toilets and showers,


Family camp recreation building dedicated at Royaneh.  This was used for families of scoutmasters with troops in camp.


Barn and Corral are dedicated.  Prior to the Corral the area was formerly used as the Archery range for the camp.

1963, 10/11

Sherwood J Hall of Las Vegas donates 16 acres of land near Russian Gulch to the San Francisco Council

1964, 06/24

Russian Gulch outpost camp is used for the first time.  The 16 acre property was donated to the council earlier in the year.  

1969, 05/07

Additional 127 acres is purchased at Camp Royaneh known as the Schneider property.  The land is adjacent to the camp property along East Austin creek

1976, 03/30

New sewage treatment facility installed on lower portion of property


500 Gallon underground gas tank installed near rangers house for use in fueling camp vehicles


Camp Royaneh, 12,000 acre fire burns Russian Gulch outpost site and close to camp

1978, 03/09

Old cabin across from amphitheater is burnt down due to being “unfit” for human occupancy


Redwood tree from the Clark’s Grove falls during a storm and crushes the main support beam of the original 1920’s dinning hall forcing the dinning hall to be demolished.  


Quonset hut at Royaneh is used as the temporary dinning hall until the new one is completed


New Royaneh dinning hall is completed in time for summer operations.

1985, 07/24

Dedication ceremonies held for new dinning hall


Old Storage Shed removed at parking log, 500 gallon underground gas tank removed due to non use


Bill Heinze becomes ranger at Royaneh (1988-2000)


Original Rangers cabin built in 1954 is torn down

1988, 10/12

New 1600 sq ft Ranger cabin installed, “Baywood II”

1989, 08/10

Damming of Austin Creek is prohibited due to endangered shrimp which forced the closure of the Canoe base operations.


New pool house is constructed to replace original wooden pool house built in 1951


Scott Griswold becomes ranger at Camp Royaneh (2000 - Present)


Pool and Pool decking are redone at Royaneh


New septic and water systems installed at Royaneh.


New Rangers Cabin is built to replace Baywood trailer that had been used


New Stage is built at Royaneh to replace the old stage.  The new one is twice the size of the old stage.

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