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Order of the Arrow
Section Conclaves
1949 - Present
Distinguished Service Award

Order of the Arrow Section:

Each Order of the Arrow Lodge is associated with a section of the country.  Within each section there are anywhere from three to ten lodges.  The Western Region of the BSA is made up of approximately 12 OA sections.  When the lodges from each section get together for fellowship and competition it is known as a Conclave.  Machek N’Gult Lodge 375 (1947 - 1964), Royaneh Lodge 282 (1944 - 1964) and Achewon Nimat Lodge 282 (1965 to Present) have been associated with three sections (12B, W3A, W3S) since the founding of our Lodges.

Section 12B Lodges (1948 - 1960)

Section 12B Lodges (1960 - 1971)

         Created in 1965 by Merger of Machek N’Gult Lodge 375 & Royaneh Lodge 282

Section 12B Lodges (1971 - 1973)

Section W3A (1973 - 2008)

                 Created in 1995 by the merger of Pomponio Lodge 528 & Stanford Ojato Lodge 207

                 Created in 1993 by the merger of OO-Yum-Buli Lodge 468 & Swegedaigea Lodge 263

Section W3S (2009 - Present)

                 Created in 1995 by merger of Miirimichi Lodge 102 & Sha-Cha-Quoi Lodge 548

                 Created in 1999 by the merger of Yosemite Lodge 278 & Sumi Lodge 342

Conclave Host / Location

1949 - Camp Lilienthal

1950 - Oakland Tourist Club

1952 - Camp Lilienthal

1955 - Camp Parks

1958 - Camp Royaneh

1975 - Fort Cronkite

1985 - SF Presidio

1995 - Camp Parks

2002 - Camp Royaneh

2009 - Camp Royaneh

Most Indian Lodge Award

1971 - Achewon Nimat

1975 - Achewon Nimat

1996 - Achewon Nimat

1997 - Achewon Nimat

1998 - Achewon Nimat

1999 - Achewon Nimat

2001 - Achewon Nimat

Conclave Award

1994 - Achewon Nimat

1995 - Achewon Nimat

1996 - Achewon Nimat

1997 - Achewon Nimat

1998 - Achewon Nimat

1998 - Achewon Nimat

2000 - Achewon Nimat

2001 - Achewon Nimat

2002 - Achewon Nimat

2006 - Achewon Nimat

2009 - Achewon Nimat

The matrix below indicates all conclaves held since the first Conclave at Camp Lilienthal in 1949.


Each year the local Order of the Arrow Section holds an annual conclave at different locations throughout the section area.  At these conclaves, arrowmen can learn a variety of new skills in various training sessions that are offered on Indian Lore, Service and camp promotions. You can meet arrowmen from other lodges, trade patches and participate in Indian dances. There are activities and competitions between lodges, sometimes in games that you won't find anywhere else such as Indian Handball.   During the conclaves, the new section officers are also elected by the arrowmen for the coming year.  

At the end of the weekend two awards are given based on the competition. The coveted “Conclave Award” is the overall top award for the weekend and the “Most Indian Lodge” award for spirit.  Achewon Nimat has taken home the Conclave Award 11 times and has won the Most Indian Lodge 7 times.  The first Conclave of Section 12B was held in 1949 at Camp Lilienthal in Marin county outside of the town of Fairfax and was hosted by Royaneh Lodge 282 of the San Francisco Council.  The next year Machek N’Gult hosted the second Conclave at the Oakland Tourist Club located about a mile south of the former site of Camp Dimond in the Oakland hills.

Images of Conclave Patches from Section 12B, W3A and W3S:

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